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    Renaissance, Libération, digital art

    2021-10-19 14:33


    abstract art,

    Renaissance, Libération, digital art

    The Liberation series is the second part of the Renaissance collection.






    The Liberation series is the second part of the Renaissance collection, which depicts the profound planetary transformation of 2020-2021 from an abstract perspective. It follows the first phase of the project, Shutdown.




    Like all the creations of the Renaissance collection, the Liberation series is entirely created with digital algorithms. The simple observation/contemplation of the forms and colors of the series (and therefore the perception of their vibration*) connects us to the essential information available to integrate the current planetary changes at a deep and subtle level.

    The Renaissance collection includes 3 parts (3 phases):

        Renaissance (in progress).

    A 4th part will be created in 2022: New World.

    *See the article on cathedral rosettes, Inspiration and Templar memories.





    Art prints are available on request in different formats and on different media.