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    Vibrations, vibratory art

    2021-09-07 12:57


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    Vibrations, vibratory art

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    What's all this vibrational artwork? A new age concept? Nope.

    Vibratory art is an aesthetic that relies on the harmony of forms to transmit energy. Like the Mandalas, the shapes and colors structured in a certain way have a direct impact on our energy, our vibration, and therefore our emotional, psychic and mental system.

    All art, whatever it is, emits vibrations. What we can call vibratory art is designed to emit vibrations that elevate our being.


    A little dive into Dr. Emoto's scientific research.

    Dr. Emoto, when he published his (first) little book 'The Hidden Messages of Water' in 1999 at a modest publishing house in Tokyo, had no expectation that it would become a worldwide bestseller translated into multiple languages. The book gave an accessible account of his latest experiments, including a large-scale experiment conducted across Japan with physicist Li Chunbing in 1997 at the request of researchers. Masaru Emoto's work focused entirely on the nature of water, in particular the effects of thought and emotion on it.


    The campaign to denigrate from the very eclectic and tireless movements of the sceptics (1) was commensurate with the success of his book, as was the campaign against the doctor and immunologist Jacques Benveniste in France, known for his research on the memory of water. (...)


    Similarly, water reacts to sound: crystals take on forms of extreme harmony when listening to Beethoven's symphonies, and again a chaotic and hideous form when listening to hard rock (without prejudging the artistic quality of each music, however). It would be too long to expose here the multiple experiments conducted by Dr. Emoto. I suggest you to consult his writings and his multiple video interviews.


    The conclusions of a lifetime of study are coherent (...): from the microcosm to the macrocosm and in all its components, the universe is a symphony of vibrations in an infinite range of frequencies.


    And all being vibration, the vibration of words pronounced as written in any language, of thoughts expressed, of emotions has a direct impact (2) on the physical world: "the vibration of positive words has a beneficial effect on our world, while the vibration of negative words has a destructive power (3)".


    (...) As Dr Emoto expresses it on a more spiritual level, words (and thoughts) are an expression of the soul" and it is quite likely that the impact of our soul on the water that makes up more than 70% of our body can be prodigious and that this impact can affect our body in a way that is far from insignificant (3).



    If The hidden messages in the water became a best-seller, it is because it reveals Dr Emoto's fantastic discoveries about water and his ability to reproduce information in a masterful way, with the power of images. For Dr. Emoto shows through his impressive photographs of water crystals that water not only reacts to thoughts and emotions, but also to the vibrations of words.


    The photographs from the experiments can easily be seen on the internet. They show crystals of fabulous harmony when subjected to positive thoughts and associated words (such as gratitude, wisdom or love), and of hideous decayed form when subjected to negative thoughts (such as hatred or insults), regardless of the language used.




    In Japan, a concept called Kotodama (the spirit of words) is said to have the ability to change the world. It seems that it can be through its vibrations.


    In the end, for Dr. Emoto, existence is vibration and water is the mirror of the soul. The universe assembles an infinite quantity of phenomena that go from the lowest to the highest frequency, including within the human being himself, and therefore all events occur through vibratory resonance, from the attraction between two people to the repulsion for everything that is different from us.

    In the 1980s, while leading a seminar in Japan, Masaru Emoto met Prof. Hoang Van Duc, a specialist in psycho-immunology of Vietnamese origin. This led him to look at Einstein's equation from another angle: for him, in the formula E = mc², C understood as the speed of light in the usual interpretation refers in reality... to consciousness (or more precisely, it is interpreted as the number of people consciously concentrating).


    This perspective leaves a deep impression on Dr. Emoto and is in direct resonance with at least two experiments that he later conducted: the one with Prof. Li Chunbing and the one at Lake Biwa - an experiment known in the context of research on the science of intention (4): the conclusion of which is described by the Russian physicist Konstantin Korotkov of the State Technical University of St. Petersburg, with whom he conducted it: "all the results show that the influence of a collective mental intention has significant effects both on the parameters of the water and on the characteristics of space. The results give us a further indication of the power of the mind."


    The Beauty of the world art collection offers several series that explore the harmonious architecture of forms. The Snow series focuses on nature (the high mountains) as seen through the prism of the kaleidoscope. The result is irrefutable: the shapes obtained from a colour photograph of the mountain against a background of blue sky are in perfect harmony (proportion of shapes and harmony of colours).


    Not surprisingly, they are reminiscent of the shapes of the water obtained in Dr Emoto's experiments under the microscope. The Inspiration, Templar, Sacred geometry and Tintinnabuler series explore the sacred architecture of cathedrals through the same prism of the kaleidoscope. The harmony of shapes and colours remains total, perhaps because the builders of these places (all dating from medieval times) had a real knowledge of sacred geometry and geobiology.


    The vibratory art resonates with us because it is a mirror of our holographic universe.


    The artworks from Snow series are produced on glass, Plexiglas or photo prints.


    You may also be interested by the book : Snow.

    (1) Also subtly very active in particular on the French versions of online encyclopedias.

    (2) ...and measurable as we have seen with the experience of the GOES satellites.

    (3) In Les messages cachés de l'eau, Massaru Emoto.

    (4) Described in Dr. Emoto's books and on the internet: http://theintentionexperiment.com/pdf/03222010_The_Lake_Biwa_Experiment.pdf